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"the customer service is excellent"

Erick RommelI was a bit skeptical, not because of the product but because of our needs and the varying web expertise of those who would create and maintain quizzes. I think BF Quiz has a steeper learning curve than other Joomla modules because of how the pieces come together in creating a quiz. It met all the needs that we had and I felt the person who would be maintaining it could handle it. Our organization trains thousands of volunteers every year and online is a critical part of that. I’ve been able to hand off most of the quiz creation and maintainance issues directly to those who handle them. Plus, the customer service is excellent. I’d recommend it to those who want a flexible quiz solution that works.

Erick Rommel
Director of Communications
Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

"a simple and powerful extension"

Actually I feel I am very lucky to choose the extension BF Survey Pro. With your nice support it saved me lots of time, and let me be stress free.

At first we wanted to gather some information from researchers, and I found BF Survey Pro to be a simple and powerful extension. After using the product, we had a new requirement to allow the users to view and edit their individual survey results. To my surprise BF Survey Pro so easily already handled this - just simply add another menu item.

But most importantly of all, after I purchased BF Survey Pro, I have gotten intensive and kindest support from you. No matter what kind of questions, I mean sometimes I did have some stupid questions, you always replied to my emails immediately.

I would strongly suggest people who would like to carry out a survey in a professional way to use BF Survey Pro.

Thank you for your good work, Tim.

Li Su
Munich, Germany

"I wanted to avoid using a stand-alone solution"

carlos.ferreira_sml Webnucleo Looking at the JED I saw a number of different Survey components. BF Survey Pro (demo) proved the most potential for the work I needed to do.
I was looking for a complete solution to integrate in my Joomla's projects.
I wanted to avoid using a stand-alone solution.
BF Survey Pro has great support and the price affordable.

Carlos Ferreira
webnucleo - consultores web
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